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Weapons are a primary objects in KH: TFR. Unlike most Kingdom Hearts games it does not concentrate on using melee weapons but ranged weapons as well including Guns.

Weapon TypesEdit


Guns are primary weapons for the Saint's Row and other Gangs. It's very lethal and but does less damage than swords or keyblades. The advantage is it's speed and range having the victim shot multiple times before it could go near the user. However, some guns are able to significantly damage an enemy such as an RPG, Machine Gun and Riffles. There are multiple versions of this weapon.


Sword's are common weapons used in the Kingdom Hearts universe and deals great damage once close range. However, it takes the user to make more actions in order for it to damage. this weapon is not commonly used in the world of the Final Remnant but used by knights.


Keyblades are extermely powerful weapons that work both close and long range (depends on the keyblade) but moves slower than a Gun. There are nearly no disadvantage to this weapon aside from making a bit more action such as a slashing motion and speed. this weapon in particular is very rare an only makes an apperance in missions and tasks. Xin has no ability to use this weapon and so do Gangs.


  • Final Remnant was originaly going to use Bows, Spears and Scythes, but was removed.

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