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Do you not know your true purpose?
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Ability AP Cost MP Cost Description Damage
Finisher move.
Mag stat
Limit AP Cost MP Cost Description Damage
Heart of the Nobody
At the cost of 100HP and at least 100MP, Xamad can summon from within what seems to be a heart. However, this heart will explode in the face of any foes, dealing loads of damage. However, after use, Xamad can not attack for 2 turns, as he recovers from using this Limit.
300+(MP used)
Ability AP Cost MP Cost Description
MP Rage
3 AP
0 MP
Xamad regains MP whenever HP is lost.
Damage Drive
2 AP
0 MP
Xamad's regains DP whenever HP is lost.
Drive Boost
2 AP
0 MP
Xamad gains more DP than normal.
Exp Boost
3 AP
0 MP
Xamad gains more EXP than normal.

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