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Kana ザーナックス (Zānakkusu)
Original Name Naraz
Type Nobody
Role Antagonist
Home World The World that Never Was
Weapon Cosmic Staff
Attribute Space and Time

Zarnax is a Nobody in Kingdom Hearts: Heartspawn. He is number IV of The Final Six.


Pre KH:HEdit

At some point in his life, a man named Naraz lost his heart. His nobody became Zarnax, the fourth subject of an experiment started by the late Organization XIII. He was trained by Xigbar and Luxord to achieve their abilities. Soon before the Castle Oblivion incident, Zarnax and the other five experiments were sealed inside sleeping pods, in order to preserve them for the future if the Organization failed their mission. The experiments awoke fourteen years later, finding the Organization destroyed. They formed The Final Six in order to finish their master's mission; restoring Kingdom Hearts.


In Kingdom Hearts: Heartspawn, Axon sent Zarnax to Narnia to collect hearts and search for the Heartspawn. He gave the White Witch an army of Madsouls to defeat the Army of Aslan the Lion and the boy-king, Peter. Blain and his friends arrived in Narnia and tried to help Aslan's army stop Zarnax and the Witch. After Blain and co. confronted and defeated him, Zarnax revealed the truth about the madsouls; they are a persons rage and anger manifested into a living being with the ability to steal hearts. Zarnax then escaped to The World that Never Was, via a dark portal. During Blain's siege on The Castle that Never Was, Zarnax faced Blain and friends again. He boasted about his strength and cosmic power, but was defeated in the end. As he faded into darkness, he screamed in disbelief that he had been defeated again by the likes of Blain.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Zarnax was trained by Xigbar and Luxord of Organization XIII. He gained the powers of Space and Time, enabling him to warp across the area, via Worm-Hole, as well as stop and start time. His weapon is a rod called a Cosmic Staff. He can use it to bend both time and space. His elemental attacks are as follows:

Time Sphere: Casts a ball of energy from his staff that freezes his foes in time if it hits them.

Black Hole: Creates a wormhole that saps his enemy's Health. It can be destroyed with a projectile spell like Fire.

Quicken: Speeds time around himself, allowing him to move at high speeds. He dashes at his enemies, ramming into them. He can be slowed down with a well timed block.

Gravity Point: Lessons the gravity of the area, flinging his foes into the air. He will then warp around them. If they lose him he will eventually fire a beam at them, which does a lot of damage. This is his strongest attack, but he can be stunned if they catch up with him while he warps.

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